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I am a creative wood artist. I design and make custom furniture and wooden objects. I specialize in unique items that can’t be found from mainstream manufacturers. My mission is to design and build creative furniture or other wood based items that meet the unique needs of my customers. This is the essence of “custom.” My goal is to make distinctive and creative pieces that will be the focal point of your living space.


  • Design:  I value creative design and working outside the boundaries of standard production furniture. Many of my pieces feature flowing curved lines and curved panels. Wood is a beautiful medium and my pieces are meant to accent the natural beauty of the wood and its grain.
  • Construction: I use the best of both hand and machine tool techniques. My goal is to precisely and efficiently construct my work.

  • Quality: I strive for the highest quality in design, materials and construction. 

Areas of Work

My work encompasses several areas:

  • Standard furniture. Furniture pieces like tables, chairs, beds, etc. have an obvious function, but the designs and construction are not. The end product is something very special that goes beyond what is available from mainstream furniture manufacturers.
  • Imaginative items: Some of my favorite pieces are non-traditional furniture or semi-furniture sculpture which lets me express the whimsical side of design and construction (Appropriated Functional Sculpture).

  • Special purpose woodworking. I also make items to meet special purpose needs. Much of this work supplies woodwork items to other artisans for use in their products. Special purpose woodworking examples include:

    • Wooden stocks and components for a producer of high-end underwater spear-guns 
    • Product prototypes
    • Children's furniture supplied to an artist who then paints and sells the end product


If you have questions or would like discuss a commission, please contact me.

Craig Jentz






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