Custom Furniture & Woodworking Studio

Appropriated Functional Sculpture

Some of my more whimsical and engineered pieces are functional sculptures whose design is appropriated from classic industrial design objects. The original object is a sculpture in its own right, and my goal is to build a wooden facsimile that serves as a piece of furniture.


'65 VW Microbus Entertainment Center

The inspiration for this piece was an entertainment design discussion at a very groovy '60's coop restaurant.


Boat Couch

As an appreciator of beautiful wood, I'm attracted to antique and classic boats. This couch recreates their graceful curves and classic mid-century industrial design.. Classic mahogany and chrome in the middle of your living room.

AmeliaD 6.jpg
AmeliaD 1.jpg

Outpoured Motor

This functional sculpture is a beverage dispenser. Twist the throttle to activate the dispenser. Forward and reverse lever lets you dispense from either port or starboard beverage containers. Anything that fits in a bottle can be dispensed..

Outpoured 3.jpg

Grandpa's 10 Horse

I grew up in my grandfather’s 14’ Thompson with a classic Johnson 10 horse outboard. This reading table was built in grandpa’s honor. It was also the inspiration for the Outpoured - a show attendee grabbed the throttle and said “When I pull on this I want a beer to come out.”

Grampas 10 Horse w2.jpg