Custom Furniture & Woodworking Studio

Current Project - Mahogany Round Top Storm Door and Entry Door Refurbishment

Storm Door - Preparing the Wood

The function of the tools I use and how they work are explained here. Specific tools used are noted in bold.

All the pieces of the storm door are cut from one 12” x 10’ piece of mahogany. Using a single board will guarantee that the grain and color matches across the door.

The first step is to dimension the boards:

  1. A straight edge is cut on the sliding table saw. The saw’s table slides in parallel to the blade, resulting in a perfectly straight edge.

  2. Using the straight edge as a guide, the boards are cut to width of the table saw

  3. One face of the boards are flattened on the jointer

  4. The other face is flattened and the boards are made a consistent thickness using the planner

  5. Both faces are then sanded using the widebelt sander. In addition to smoothing the wood, the sander does the final thickness dimensioning.

Craig Jentz