Custom Furniture & Woodworking Studio

Current Project - Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van Camper Conversion


The function of the tools I use and how they work are explained here. Specific tools used are noted in bold.

The van has five sets of cabinets: driver and passenger side “kitchen” cabinets, above driver sliding door overhead cabinet, under the bed platform storage cabinet, and driver side of bed wardrobe cabinet. While much pre-planning was done, the first step is to draw the cabinets in full scale on pieces of scrap hardboard. This visualizes the design and allows for any adjustments. Scale models were then built to confirm dimensions, and ensure specific storage requirements are met (e.g. camp stove and LP gas tank). This ensures that both client and woodworker are in agreement about features and functions.

The plywood is then cut into the various pieces. Solid ash edge banding is cut and applied to the edges of plywood that will be seen. The edge banding is cut oversized, and trimmed both to width and length after it is glued to the panels.

The panels are aligned and assembled using biscuits, which are football shaped disks that fit into matching slots. The slots are cut with the biscuit cutter. The shelves are held using moveable support pins, which fit into 5mm holes. The holes are gang drilled five at a time using the Grass multi drill.

Craig Jentz