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Red Oak Roundtop

The Wood

The wood for this project was purchased from Logs to Lumber, which is an Invergrove Heights based custom sawyer. Logs to Lumber specializes in high quality cuttings from sustainably harvested trees. All the trees the saw were cut down for non-lumbering reasons (construction, storm damage, etc.) The red oak logs that the door boards are from were harvested from a subdivision development in Medina, MN. The trees were removed to make way for a house. They will end up rejuvenating a house in Southwest Minneapolis.

The logs were quarter sawn, which results in a tight and even grain pattern. (This document gives an overview of different sawing techniques.) Quarter sawn is visually appealing, particularly on narrower projects like the door. Additionally, quarter sawn wood is dimensionally more stable with humidity and temperature changes. Because all the boards are from the same tree, the grain and color will match perfectly within and across the door and trim.

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