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Table for Francisco Brazos al Cielo

Making the Top

The function of the tools I use and how they work are explained here. Specific tools used are noted in bold.

The top is made of two matching pieces of birdseye maple. Birdseye is a beautify anomaly in which areas of the wood grain grow in small circular twirls. Under a high gloss finish the birdseye “pop” and appear three dimensional.

The boards are first trimmed on the table saw. The sawn edges are then planed flat and straight on the jointer. After gluing the two pieces together the top is run through the widebelt sander, which flattens and sands it. The gentle side arcs are cut on the bandsaw, and smoothed with the edge sander. To give the top visual lift, an angled rabbet is cut on bottom edges using the shaper.

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