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Tale of Four Doors

Layout and Material Prep

The function of the tools I use and how they work are explained here. Specific tools used are noted in bold.

The first step is to layout the designs in full scale to confirm proportions and measurements. Cardboard templates were traced for the arch and vault top doors. Wood is then selected and the needed pieces are laid out on the wood. Even though they’re doors with a plenty of glass/screen area, a lot of wood is needed in their construction. For reference, in the photo below the two pine boards on the right are 16’ long. The oak boards are on the left, and the mahogany is in the middle.

All of the pieces are first cut to rough dimensions, and then allowed to rest for a few days. This allows the internal stresses in the wood to relax, and during relaxing there will be minor bowing and/or twisting. The pieces are final dimensioned after resting. If they were cut to final dimension right away, there is a high probability the doors would warp after they were constructed.

The pieces are first cut to length using the chop saw. Next a straight edge is needed. For longer pieces one edge of the board is cut straight using the sliding table saw. The board is pneumatically clamped to the sliding table, and as the table slides past the blade a perfect straight cut results. Shorter pieces are straight edged on the jointer. The boards are then cut to width on the table saw.

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