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Tale of Four Doors

Final Dimensioning

The function of the tools I use and how they work are explained here. Specific tools used are noted in bold.

The rail and stile pieces are trimmed to final dimensions. For the straight pieces, the first step is to joint one face flat on the jointer. The other side is flattened and the thickness is made consistent using the thickness planer. One edge is then jointed 90 degrees to the face. Holding this edge against the saw fence, the pieces are run through the tablesaw again to cut them to the exact width. This sawn edge is run through the jointer to remove the resulting saw markings. The final step is to sand both faces of the pieces in the wide belt sander.

The arc of the arch top door is drawn using a drawing bow, which is a thin piece of fiberglass that can be evenly bent into various radius arcs. Wooden patterns/templates are made of for the top rail of the round and vaulted top doors. The pattern is temporary attached to the laminated rail. A pattern cutter head is used on the shaper to trim the rails to their final shape. The pattern cutter has a bearing that is the same diameter as the cutting knives. When the bearing is held against the pattern, the cutter duplicates the shape on the rail.

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