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This functional sculpture is a beverage dispenser. Twist the throttle to activate the dispenser. Forward and reverse lever lets you dispense from either port or starboard beverage containers. Anything that fits in a bottle can be dispensed. The dispenser is on a wheeled base which can be easily moved.
Materials: mahogany, walnut, birch, mechanical and electrical components

Contributor credits: Metal Work - Willis Bowman, Bowman Engineered Models

Watch the video showing how the Outpoured pours.

Outpoured 3.jpg
Outpoured 10.jpg

How it Works

A rechargeable battery powers two air pumps. The pumps pressurize the beverage bottles, which pushes the beverage out the siphon tubes thru the beverage lines to the taps. The forward and reverse switch activates either the port or starboard bottle pumps when the variable speed throttle is turned.

Practically any beverage can be dispensed using a variety of containers - wine bottles, beer growlers, liquor bottles, soda bottles, etc. Cleaning is easy; simply disconnect the two air lines and take the siphon tubes, beverage lines and taps to the sink.

Outpoured 11.jpg
Outpoured 12.jpg
Outpoured 13.jpg
Outpoured 18.jpg
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